My first impressions


I had almost two month to plan and organize my stay in Albania. It seemed to be a lot of time. But time runs so fast. Suddenly it was May 1rst and there were still so many things in normal day life that should have been done until this day. But it was too late. I said goodbye and started into an unknown future. I stressed myself so much before coming to Albania but the first moment I entered this for me totally unknown country all my bad thoughts and worries were gone. My brain was so busy recording all this impressions. And they were good. I am still impressed and excited every time I leave the beautiful big flat with two balconies I am living in. I totally forget about all of my problems I had at home. Every difference I notice I am enjoying. The most important thing I noticed was that the inhabitants are open to strangers, very hospitable, welcoming. This weekend we travelled to Pogradec and met an old Albanian Lady in front of her house and without any possibility to talk to her we ended up drinking coffee with her and her old husband on their terrace. The next day we met their daughter and she invited us to drink coffee with her, too. Eating typical Albanian sweets we spent hours talking about Albanias political problems. I am really learning a lot these days by talking to strangers. The best way to get Information is the exchange of opinions I think.

I am really looking forward to have many conversations like this in the next weeks. Then I will let you know 🙂

Gruß und Kuss



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