Tirana: Seeking traces of Communism pt. I

Tirana: Seeking traces of Communism pt. I

Once upon a time – The fate of communist monuments

After the fall of Communism in 1990 Tirana was littered with remains of the almost 50 years dictatorship. The traces of the regime vanished sometimes slowly and step by step, sometimes rapidly, such as the fall of Enver Hoxha’s statue in central Tirana 1991. Since then, most of communist monuments and relics have disappeared, but with some effort a few hangovers are still trackable…

When you walk around the back of the National Arts Gallery these days, a large statue of Stalin, along with one of Lenin, can be found. These two guys, once representatives of the governmental ideology, waiting here, shrouded in plastic, debased and aimlessly for better days.

The statue of Lenin once stood on Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit, in front of the Art Gallery and across the street stood the bust of Joseph Stalin. Displaced from their former prestigious settings these monuments represent a fallen and discredited ideology today. Hidden in the lumber- room of the arts museum their previous symbolism performs now contrariwise.

Annika from Berlin, EVS 2 months




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