I believe he was waiting for me.

ImageFrom the outside of a small bar near the ruins of the Sarajevo Castle, I saw an old man with a long white beard sitting in the bar. In the moment when I was walking into the bar the man looked at me, smiled and invited me to sit to him. Intrigued by the extraordinary hospitality and the pictures on the wall which tell the story of sarajevo, I decided to accept the invitation of the old man and I called my friends that were waiting for me outside.
The name of the old men is Nurco and he is 78 years old. Before his retirement he worked as a technical expert and his hobby is to make videos of his environment. I stayed with Nurco for one and a half hour. Nurco is a really smart and funny man and we joked a lot. Once I pulled this beard to see the young person below the beard.
Before I had to say goodbye, maybe forever, I asked him to give me a memory of the meeting. 
The words on this piece of paper is what the man wants to say to me before I had to go.
„A smart man is alive even after his death and a non-smart man is dead even if he walks!“


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