High School

“Promotion of Voluntary Services” this is part of our work!  

But what does it mean to promote volunteering? Back in Germany I thought more about talking to juveniles about our daily work and giving them an idea of what volunteers are doing. In fact this is also part of our presentations. Furthermore, we give them a lot of basic informations about volunteering, the process to become a volunteer and the different opportunities to volunteer.

Nevertheless, I think the most important point is just to give them knowledge about the possibility of volunteering. In the same moment we show them that we are just “normal” people trying to make the world just a little bit better.


Unfortunately, it’s not always easy with high school classes. Imagine a class of 35 people with a high percentage of boys. Why do I talk particular about boys? Usually they are louder, more childish, less concentrated and interested than girls. Probably its because of their puberty, a tough time for everyone 🙂 I’m sorry guys, but the prejudice that girls are more mature than boys is kind of true. Moreover, these boys can be pretty annoying!

Anyway, it is really hard to present something when five or more people interrupt you the entire time. I am really sad about the pupils who might be interested, they can’t understand anything because of the noise.

On the other hand, there are also very disciplined classes. They are silent, listening to us, are interested in our topics and asking questions. You really could feel that your work had a sense, because you showed new opportunities to juveniles. Hopefully, they will use this chances!



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