Communication Beyond Barriers

“It is not easy, working with disabled children when I don’t even understand their language”, I thought. The song “Te ka lali shpirt” which is played in heavy rotation right now here in Albania showed me: I am wrong!                              

We, the volunteers and the kids, were sitting together in a classroom. Some were playing with toys, some were drawing, while I was trying to communicate with one boy. We tried to figure out names of us and the others and so far it was going it’s own way, but in any case not badly. Some older boys were clicking through the youtube-hitlist and suddenly the song “Te ka lali shpirt” emerged. Immediately all kids started to join in the music, everybody in its own way. As I knew the song I also started to sing along: “Të ka lali shpirt, të ka lali xhan. Të ka lali zemer, o sa shumë te du. Të ka lali shpirt, të ka lali xhan. Të ka lali zemer, o sa shumë te du (…) “                                                                                                               

So – we started singing, moving to the beat a little bit and smiling to each other – and I felt really strongly and lovely that this is a beautiful way to communicate and to understand each other…beyond barriers.

Annika, EVS 2 months, BerlinImageps: a tip for my part: Listen some Albanian Pop Music – it will improve your Albanian language in general, particularly your love-alphabet ;), makes you understanding the Albanian culture more and last but not least you will have great fun celebrating the music with the children 🙂



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