How easy.

Maybe you don’t know how easy can be to work with disabled children. You don’t know it because it’s not easy at all, and I think, arriving at the end of this experience, that the thing that improved at the most my EVS can be this.
I never worked seriously with children, even in my degree. And at the beginning was quite hard for me to face disabilities, working with them. 
Step by step you discover that there is an entire world that you can’t imagine; I really don’t want to give you a romantic view of this work, but I can assure you that this is one of the most difficult works in life, if you’re not well-prepared to do it. 
And if you want to do EVS with BB in your life, you have to know this: you can enjoy yourself all the time here in Tirana and travelling around Albania, and you also can learn much from all the volunteers, about the european projects, but you have to be prepared to work in a difficult condition with the disabled children.
And as much as you improve yourself, I assure you that much bigger will be your satisfaction in doing this kind of work.


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