Spending a Day at the lake


Sunday morning at 8:30 o`clock we start at the city center of Tirana to travel to the artificial lake. There is no better start for a nice day in a park with lovely children. We that are: 22 children, 15 Volunteers; 10 EVS and 5 locals, 2 teachers and our coordinator. After arriving we start to have a short refreshing and a rest, additionally we divide the tasks of the Volunteers. Some of the Volunteers had to take care that no child gets lost or to take some pictures. Now everybody was full energy to play a bit together in the nature. The children love to play little games with the ball, for example volleyball, football or tennis. Some of them start to play seek and hide or playing with the Double Dutch.  I observed that the children are able to play free and with their own creativity. Equally they like to play the games we suggest them. All in all it was a good mix between both.  Moreover some children didn’t like to play little games; they had the opportunity to do some paintings or to play with cards. Time was running and 3 hours pass quickly away.  At 12 o´clock we offer a pick nick, because the kids were really hungry after playing so much, so no one has to go home hungry.  Subsequently we start to collect all of the material and take care that we will not leave some waste in the nature. Back in the Bus, complete, the music caters for a good mood and everybody starts singing, it was a lot of fun and a happy day at the lake.



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