Start of Summer camp

So far, so good. Every morning we meet at around 8 o’clock at the hostel to grab the food and drinks for everyone. After the usual yelling about who takes what, the survivors run to catch the red bus, which punctually comes right when we turn the corner. Like everyday it is (still) suprisingly full. This tetris-like puzzle game is the morning challenge. After that, I think everyone is ready for everything. I’d like to thank the bus-ticket-guy, who is most of the times quite patient and helpful with us. We meet with the others and load the stuff on the bus. The kids are already on and the driver is ready to go. I use the bus ride to catch some breath and understand where I am at the moment. I have to say that at this point of the day the only hero is usually Andrea, which always manages to walk back and forth for the whole ride and entertains the kids. We usually drive to a different place and do some activities there, the kids get a break from both the usual closed school environment and the boiling-hot streets of Tirana. Everyday we change, one day is spent at the beach, one at the lake, one at the zoo. First thing first, we stop to distribute the morning croissants. After some time we start doing activities and organizing games to entertain the kids. Some of those depend on the environment: it might be shell collecting at the sea shore, flower collages at the lake, the items are then used to decorate or to do some creative work. Everyday we manage to do some form of sportlike or ball-games. It is always nice to kick the ball around or play volleyball, so that we can involve everyone. There is one guy in particular who always tries to make some crazy basketball passes ๐Ÿ˜€ All of the kids want attention! Some of them might call you to play with them or might try to explain you some rules or what they want to do. This is a bad moment, it is always such a pity to have these communication problems. The local volunteers from the school are always available to help us translate! Some others of the kids just randomly come to hug you! Many were shy at first, but then they started getting to get used to us and to like us and they all wanted to take pictures together! ๐Ÿ˜€
I have no experience with volunteer work and children with disabilities in my home country. This is showing me that I can manage to do something that I had never thought I could do before. For now on this is enough and let’s see how the next days go.ย 



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