Summer with us!

Today was the fourth day of our ‘Summer School’ with some of the kids from Luigi Gurakuqi Special School.
We are spending these days outdoors and discover different places in the outer areas of Tirana, where we have big fun together! Especially enjoying the beach was a great experience, because the kids looked so happy and free, playing with the elements and convincing us to join their ball games. Some of them speak quite good English, which makes it a lot easier to communicate with them. With the others it’s more difficult to talk to, which is a pity sometimes!
All in all my most important impression of these days is that these (selected?) kids with “fewer opportunities” are not special at all – they are just kids and teenagers, just not that embittered and twisted as we use to be sometimes. I don’t think one has to be too overprotective with them, we should trust more in their individual responsibility. To disagree with the Ale’s post, I think the most difficult part of our work is to have verbal conversation, to understand what they are enthusiasticly telling you, everything else only requires letting go of your too grown-up thinking and expecting – not saying this would be easy for me. 😉



PS: To confuse contexts I’d like to share a funny clichee saying from the Netherlands with you, “Doe maar gewoon dan doe je al gek genoeg!” – “Just act normal, that’s already crazy enough!” 🙂


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