Last week.

And it did go quickly. Time passed so fast and we barely noticed it, Summer Camp is over and our last week just began. All of us are kind of sad and craving for more or at least I personally am, I feel like two months are such a short period of time, but this is what I signed up for. Some of us are somewhere else having fun, some of us are locked in the office. Of course I am part of the latter group, which mostly consists of Cermans (I keep being the minority) and it doesn’t surprise me. I mean, it still does sometimes. I know that we are somehow nationally good at avoiding work, but I am always amazed by others’s daily creativity. It is true that you never stop learning!
This last week will just be about getting quickly done with what we have to do and then: enjoying ourselves, saying goodbye to Tirana and fixing the good memories we made deep, deep in our brains. New place, new people, new experiences, new connections around the world. What is next? I am eager for more.


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