To get into conversation with Albanians

I want to share with you a very interesting workday. It was a nice Friday 2 weeks ago we had the task to do questionnairs about Albanias accession to the European Union. We devided us in pairs with local volunteers and EVS volunteers and started to ask people in Vizion Plus where it was thanks to the sunny weather full of people sitting, talking and drinking coffee. Once we asked some young people who were too undecided or lazy to answer all of the questions we chose different peolple to interview mainly those who were a bite older, not busy and seemed to us interesting/chatty. We asked for example a women with little twins in the buggy and an old man who was playing a game with stones. Most of them were quite open. One of them was a 76 years old women she said to me that she saw it in my eyes that I´m from Germany. She laught a lot (what was contagious) because she knew about the bad standards in Albania but she didn´t want to mention it because I´m from Germany. She told us that her daughter lives in Italy, thats the reason why she would like to go there but her son is here in Tirana so it´s alright. This grandma was so cheerful and satisfied, what I admire!Then I chose a man in the middle age and he tried to talk with me a bite in English…and then he started to talk half an hour in Albanian about all his life and politicians…he told us that he wants the best for his children and that he would like to live in Germany…he couldn´t stop talking and it was hard to finsh the questionnaire.The last man we asked was sitting alone in a cafe and as we asked him he said a lot of times I´m an idiot don´t ask me. We didn´t believe him and started with the questionnaire. But at first he wanted to know who we are and what to do you get for it. He first tought that we are from a political party and said I don´t care about politicians. As he answered the questions he thinks very critical/negativ about the accsession of Albania into the EU, for example he said that Albania will never become part of the EU because it doesn´t fullfile the standards at all. As he started to talk about the kommunism time and his schooltime(youth) what was really interesting… he invited us to sit to him and to drink something.  As he heard that I´m from Germany he told me that he had been at the place where Hitler killed himself and that it´s so important that pupils learn out of the past (Holocaust) by visiting such historical important places. He had also been in Austria because he knows people there and he liked it. He told us that he loves Albania because it´s a beautiful country but the politicians destroy this and that´s why he is like a lot of other Albanians tired of them… But he also said that you should never give up….Thanks to Erisa, the very kind local volunteer who translated very well, I could also take part in the conversation. While we get off  the EU topic the man said that he wants to be honest with us that he´s not an idiot but he wrote some school books and folklore books and that he had been a vice-principal of a highschool and now he´s retired. He told us a very old story about two men who were fighting over who is the owner of a dunky and how they clarified the question in a very smart way. In the end we had to guess how old he is….he was 70 and something but in his mind he was much younger! On this day I learned much and I also had fun!!



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