Albania. First two weeks in photos.

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So it is nearly two weeks since we- EVS project “ EVERY ACT OF PARTICIPATION MAKES A DIFFERENCE” participants are here in Tirana.

We are 17 people here – 4 quick and purposeful Italians with great tan, 4 calm, almost blonde, blue- eyed Latvians, 1 extremely friendly and intelligent Spanish guy, 4 nice and friendly Romanians and 4 beautiful French, whose main benefit of this project would be to improve their English.

We have been exploring Albania and it seems that it has a great deal to offer- fantastic nature and pleasant people, a bit of culture shock as well- the never- ending holes on the roads and crazy traffic.

It is only two weeks, but it seems that we have managed to do a lot: to do some sightseeing ( Durres, Berat and Kruja- beautiful!! ), to have an insight in tasting Albanian traditional food ( a bit too salty for me, but it seems that many of us are in love with byrek and dhalle ), we have visited schools that we will have to work in, we have had Albanian language lessons ( we are good at saying C`kemi, Sa kushton, Faleminderit and Mirupafshim although some of us have experienced mixing phrases and saying Sa kushton when saying good bye to someone ), some of us have taken part in European Parlament simulation, some of us have got lost in the city, some of us are waiting for the Tirana Film festival impatiently and I am sure we all are exciting about upcoming events and future time in Albania.

Ieva from Latvia



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