The first episode

Hello, Tirana!
In a chronological order, I will start with my plane trip till here and what happened after.
After the Bucharest-Rome journey, during which I layed down on three chairs, the flight from Rome to Tirana was much more interesting due to a young albanian lady, a good company, from who I found out how albanians are and what can I visit here. 
Anyways, passing over the airport reception, I’m not going into the details concerning the 13 EVS volunteers I met, because I need more space for that. Shortly, they are very sociable and friendly, and what I like the most is the fact that every of them is original in his way, making them less boring.
And about my meeting with Tirana, I can say now, after two weeks, that I find some similarities with Bucharest, especially when it comes to traffic, but here the drivers are peacefull, the pedestrians also…it’s like a “harmony of chaos”.
Walking on Tirana’s streets, you cannot pass by without notice a thing: they don’t have street name indicators so it’s very easy to get lost. Other thing to pay attention for are the unprotected manholes. Interesting experiences you can have also when going from one place to another with the bus. Here you have a “human megaphone”, who’s charged with the traffic flow in the bus, that’s why he’s screaming as a football fan, they told me. But there is a “nice” thing when talking about bus tickets from a place to another, and this would be the fact that you can negotiate your ticket price. You can take a journey whenever you want, because buses don’t have a program. They are working on the principle: “when it’s full, let’s go!”.
The truth is I like Tirana very much, despite all the things I said before. I love Tirana when I see green trees from 10 to 10 meters, you’ll never see this in Bucharest for example. And of course when I’m seeing palms I’m having a great psychological comfort, because I hate cold places, and who can “bring me the sun” better than palms?  
The place where we leave remembers me of college, a campus resembling to that from the town I’m coming from and where I studied. The most important information (for the knowers) it’s the fact that here the food is perfectly cheap. With one Euro you can eat two meals, getting easily satisfied. For me is Heaven on Earth.
So, now that I know all the streets in this town, I’m thinking to visit other albanian places. I’ve already been in two cities, but pictures and stories from there in the next episode.
Adi, Romania 🙂

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