EVS – The magic journey

603043_730854833609952_1889473573_nAlmost one month has passed since i am in Tirana. I have never believed that i will ever have the opportunity to come and see such an interesting culture. To be honest, before i came here, i had some prejudicies about this country because wikipedia and other websites told me some lies about Abania. I was advised from others volunteers not to choose the place where to go in EVS, because it’s a lot much better to be chosen by it. You can find many interesting things that you would never think about otherways, you may find unexpected situations, extraordinary people and so on…

The most important things for me are: to meet new people, to know and to understand other cultures and, of course – to travel! Here in Albania, i am sure i’ve accomplished all these stuffs. In order to meet new culture, my first mission in this project was to promote volunteering in ”Ismail Qemali” highschool. It was a bit challenging but in the same time i believe it helped me building some self confidence.

From my point of view, living in the same house with other 16 „strangers” it’s a very nice idea. We were strangers just for couple of minutes until we got to know each other. After just a few days we already found our positions in group. Some of us are good photographers, some of us are good dancers, some of us are are good at sports… everyone has particular skills, but we also have a legend, we call him “The Legend”… if you know what i’m sayin’!?

Have a nice weekend my friends!
Adrian (Roumania)


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