The second episode

I forget to tell you that very soon, already  in my second evening in Tirana, I walked next to the Opera and I saw  people, and went close. Since I’m curios, I was getting close to see what kind of spectacle it took place. Before i had the chance to ask about the show and price, suddenly someone push me inside and winks at me. Probably she was a teacher who came to the show with her students. Just like that I would have witness at my first free show in Albania.

In the next week I enrolled to MEU Albania, a simulation of European parliament where we could choose each of us whatever role we wanted. I chose to be a member, because I didn’t wanted to be involved so much, and  I gazed more to the proceedings of the action.  It was interesting that we really went inside of Albanian Parliament, after being  checked for guns and weapons  J.   I listened some speechs, we made photos, we lied down in the chairs of parlamentarians. I’m surprised to see that it exist a video with me which appeared on the televisions of Albania, a parlamentarian with the head on the table, exhausted after work (one hour of starring the walls and the machines  J)

 I promised last time that I will tell you about my trips .Well , first of allI I went  to Durres, a town next to Tirana, with an  opening to see and a cosy beach.

Even though it was the 13th October, I swam in the sea, because of the warm,  a lot and inviting water. After the swim in the sea, I made quickly another one in the sand like the hippopotamus in the mud, and then we came back  to Tirana. I didn’ took much of a look at the town , since the beach was more attractive.

Also in the next town we walked a lot. As many people tell,and  I start to have the same opinion,  Berat is probably the most beautiful town in Albania.

There are old bridges and terraced houses made of stone , an old fortress and churches or  very lovely mosques,are some tourist attractions of the town. Unfortunately the roads are unfriendly withe the  suspensions of cars, since we can see manny portions of  damaged asphalt.

I became attached specially to the Thethi National Park. It is a national park which covers a 2.630 ha  area and is overwhelming thanks to his beauty. My three days in that place could be the most lovely experience like tourist. Like any curios tourist, of course I didn’t respected the indicator which lead to the some visiting places and I climbed up the on the difficult paths(I  now start to think that it wasn’t to smart of me  to go alone on a no indicator path), fortunately I was fine, but in a moment I got lost. Finally I found the good way, and I met a  woman shepherd   who surveyed her sheep on a higher peak.

In this way I stayed more than 2 hours with that woman sheperd cared on the sheeps and discussing thanks to the body language about some of the  shepherd secret’s job.

Since I  had to return to Tirana, I asked to a denizen to take to the car to Shkodra,  the most close town toThethi. As I was in Albania, our agreement suffred some modification, I left at 15.20  instead of left to 9 o clock.  But it seemed to be my luck, because I met a family from Kosovo, the man teach at the University from Prishtina the other one teacher at Univesity from Strasbourg. After I started to make friends with them, we went to see one of the  tourist attraction, the waterfall Grunas ( a beautifull place).When we returned, we stoped at two-three people to talk or drink something, I mention that we stopped also even when we went for the waterfall.This travel plan which took more than two hours finished with a great meal, more red win offered by the man who would have take us to Shkodra.  The delay was turned out good for me, because I had the chance to know the custom of an Alabanian family and to eat well for freeJ.I would like to tell more about this ride in the mountains, but I can let it to next time. I forgot to tell you that when I came to Shkodra was so late that I couldn’t  find a bus to Tirana,  I hitchhked some minutes and took me someone with a expensive car, but this persone didn’t went to Tirana, just to Durres, a small town next to Tirana, so the same person called his cousin who rolled to Tirana  to take me from Durres. Since After I told him what I was doing in Tirana, that I’m a volunteer, he was deeply impressed, , nor he, neither his cousin,  refused to take my money, so I didn’t had to pay anything.

In this way ends my journey adventures until now, with the mention that I have a couple of cities that I want to visit them until I leave behind Albania.

In the next episode I will tell you about my activities as a EVS volunteer for the Beyond Barriers organisation.


Adi (Romania) J




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