Serenity vs. Pressure

Hi guys,

When I would have a brainstorming in 10 years about Albania, the first thing that would come in my mind would be “It’s not that amazing country but it’s okay”. It doesn’t sound that good, but what counts, is that I felt very comfortable in this country in generally.

The main thing I realize after staying two months here is you really don’t need many material things or money to be happy. It’s all about little things that make life nice.

For example it was fun working with disabled children and I am glad to put a smile on their faces even I notice it is nothing where I can put my passion on, but that is a feeling you can’t buy. Or just to get to know the daily-life and its coffee culture. I never drunk so much coffee and spent that much time in a café before besides of that I was so amused about definition of different coffee variation. I was so confused when the waiter asked me if I would like to have a cappuccino with coffee or when I got an ice coffee when I ordered a Latte Macchiato. These are the little things I enjoyed here very well.

While I enjoyed my life it seems to me on the other side most of the children I met have just one way of thinking how to get a good and fulfilled life: study as much as you can, immediately after High School to not waste time to earn much money as soon as possible, and of course you study that what promising future.

I hope I could take some pressure off when I hold presentations in schools and universities, that it is okay to take a gap year and do something else to find your own way what you really would like to do instead of studying.

Life is too short to worry about the future the whole time. And of course it takes its time and experiences to shape it.

Faleminderit for reading 🙂

Anny from Germany



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