First but not the least

So, this is my first post to the blog since I’ve come to Tirana. First of all, I have to say that I am very happy about choosing Albania amongst other EVS options. Romania is very similar in some points with Albania and the “cultural shock” I’ve been warned about wasn’t that big at all. I found myself in a new culture that I am fascinated with and I am sure that I still have a lot to discover about the way that people behave here. We managed to go to visit the beutiful Durres and take long walks on the beach and even to make a bath in the sea even in october. The local volunteers are awesome and I’ve spend a lot of time with some of them cuz their stories are so interesting that we didn’t notice how quickly the time passes. Until now ( it passed almost three weeks ) I am feeling great in this new country although I know that there are still many things  for me to discover about not only the country and the people but also about life in general and working with the kids. The work with kids till now was very relaxing, let’s just say because it’s not only playing and drawing with someone that you get to know, it’s about standing next to a human just like you who is excited to do and share new things and experiences with all of us. So far I have been working only with kids at the center, and they are all great beeings. In the morning they are so enthusiasthic about us coming to them, and even if I don’t know the language well so I can talk to them there is always a kiss, hug or a smile that saves the situation and connect us. We managed to make  a list of activities ( things to do with the kids for next week ), in order not to waste time and to make it as constructive as possible for us, specially now that Halloween is aproaching  and we’ve planned to have an awesome party at the center that will include all of us. We taught at this Halloween party as a way to get close to the kids, to spend more time with them and as a way to share laughs and smiles together while we’re playing different games or singing. I am so curious and excited for the next weeks to come because I am sure we have a lot to give and also to receive.



Photo: Me and Viktor and our little non-human friend

 Photo on 10-24-14 at 5.29 PM


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