souls instead of dirty hands


Confusion, decisions, confusion again and suddenly… an EVS call for Albania.
So here I am in Tirana, a chaotic city, dealing with everything living with eleven strangers randomly joined together implies. But after 3 weeks they are not strangers anymore so I will share my experience related to something really touching for me: school work.

First time I entered the school I was shocked. All I could see was dirtiness and a lot of strange faces staring at me. I have to admit that I wasn’t able to see beyond the appearances. When the first kid came and shook my hand I was scared, probably more than him and all I could notice was his dirty hands.

Then came all the frustrations connected to the conditions those kids are kept, then the frustrations related to language barriers and the fact that I was not able to put in practice all the things I wanted to do with the kids because of their level of understanding.

All this until one day when I shook a boy’s hand and I was touched by his reaction. Then I realized that for those kids is not important to know the name of the colors or to understand the rules of a game but they simply need something that we, in our complicated life, forget: affection. They only need a smile and a handshake, they only need to be accepted. They are as they are and for some of them there is no perspective to understand things at the level ordinary people do. So besides trying to teach them how to draw or how to play games we should look beyond the barriers and realize that the one who learn are not only the kids but ourselves. And the lesson they are given to us are more important than all the lessons we try to give to them.

From that day I started to see souls instead of dirty hands…



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