Why Albania? Why volunteering?

Palm trees, colorful streets, full of fresh fruits and improvised markets, hurried people, the sound that comes from the mosques to call people to pray, great weather, an impossible language and a total chaos; A country, a city, a new life for me for the next two months, and a lot of new and beautiful people to meet. Here I am in Tirana. A girl from the north of Romania, from a region well known for it’s patience and the way of doing things in a slowly way. And surprisingly I don’t feel overwhelmed 
Why Albania?
Because as far as I seen it’s not the country of mafia or human traffic, or thieves, but it’s the country of a mixture between orient and occident, the country of teddy bears hanging in almost every house, a country with great landscapes. And no, I’m not some descendent of Dracula came here to suck your blood, not even making a tea with the blood of my housemates…I’m here because of a lot of reasons. First of all because because I’m a traveler…and when I travel I see the richness of this world expressed in different ways: life, food, customs, architecture, cultures, etc. Then, I’m here because of my desire to become a better person, because I want to grow more and more, day by day…because I have to be more responsible and more open to the needs of the others and stop living the life in my comfort-zone bubble. Also, my presence here is due to my studies in international relations…the thirst for knowledge about why, we, as human beings, citizens, belonging from different regions, countries and continents cannot live in harmony, without judging ourselves, searching all the time to put labels for everything, without trying to understand, and not noticed the fact that we are equals, no meter the nationality, the race, the beliefs and so on.
Why volunteering?
Because being a volunteer, first of all, means that you give and receive love…love for and from the ones you stay with, you work with, you meet, etc. Then, of course that volunteering can be the perfect opportunity to travel, to have fun, to gain some new skills in different fields, to multiply your number of friends, and why not?!, to prepare for the future, for the days when you will have to actually work for money in order to survive!

Ana-Maria, Romania


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