We are in the Pellumbat center.

The ceremony is starting.

People are getting ready: today the children look very nice, the school staff is all dressed up, the press is coming, the children´s parents are here and even the vice-minister is coming.

Now everything is perfect, the food is ready, the press takes pictures, the children look clean and pretty as never before and the board´s member can give interviews: today the photos will be taken from someone else.

But something seems as it is not going so well.

We went everyday to the center, we got close to the children. Today they are different.

They will have fun, they will play all together and so on, but their eyes aren´t as shining as usually.

Maybe they think that today they aren´t the protagonists.

S. is not doing the homeworks and he is not making noise: today he´s sitting with his granma and looks so serious.

A. is not wearing his suit.

M. today doesn´t remember any football matches´ score.

E. and G. are not creating any sculture´s masterpiece with the “Professore”.

And what about me. For me is the last day. I look at the children´s eyes, I´m trying to catch every single movement from them.

They don´t know they won´t see me again, and probably they wouldn´t care.

I think I´ll never work with people with disabilities, and even this period, for me, is to take as a school, as a life´s school.

But now I´m definitely sure: when you volunteer, you are doing it mainly for yourself, not for the others.

Giacomo Cambus, Italy


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