I’m gonna miss this mess

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Welcome to Shqiperia, that Mercedez Benz taxi driver, “parlate italiano?”, strange streets, My Hostel, Don Bosko, Mili, Nini, Sara and her lactose intolerance, Ira, Ana, on-arrival training, first dinner at the grill, “pule”, Korce beer, Nje per Ju supermarket, Jolanada ( donde estas, donde estas?) cooking dinner, Francesca washing the dishes, Stefania and Chiara singing, Breea and her travelling stories.

Crowded streets, crazy drivers, that “near-death death experience” while you are crossing the street, the smell from the bus, Blloku, The Pyramid, lots of fruits, old clothes, super glue, sunflower seeds, chickens alive and everything one can imagine , white bus, orange bus, Giaccomo always late, The White Cat, Milli’s birds, “be responsible !!!! “, Edi Rama, Enver Hoxha, Sknaderberg, Nene Tereza.

“Luigj Gurakuqi”, Klara, Amit, Daniana, “1,2,3….puthe”, school, center, smiles, tears, pencils, dancing, Halloween Party “ how are you?”, capeloo!, football, basketball, drawing, singing, penguin dance, frustration, hypocrisy, feeling usless, feeling usefull, feeling touched…understanding.

Feeling good, feeling bad, motivation, feeling pissed off, laughing out loud, dancing, Mon Cherrie, suflaque, quofte, hablamos espanol !, vous les vous parlez francais ? , ‘esti cazzi di italieni!, “Un jam….”, “sa kushton kjo ?”, nje mille leke, Priest cuts nails, patate pa mish, linguine me frutta detti, Durres, swimming in octomber, Kruja, Korce, Santi, Sindi, Flori, Mirel, Flori, Dorena…lots of names, lots of smiling faces…

All this words cross through my mind when I’m thinking about my two months staying in Tirana, Albania. It is hard  to write something coherent, almost impossible, everything is just a mess …but for all those implied in this short-term EVS project this mess has a meaning and all this random words represent a memory.



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