Thank you, family

So that it happend it’s my last post on blog alongside with the last few days spended in Albania.This post will be different and it cames with my message as a two months volunteering here.If I learned something you may ask ? The answer is completely YES because you don’t only have to look at skills that you gained, things that will make you a better emplye or any other this stuff….what is really important is you, you, you and you, your life experience that you have gained here, that will make you a better person  not only for others but for you in the first place. When I camed here first time, I knew jack s**t about Albania, all I knew were rumours that people use to say about things they don’t know….and guess what, they were all wrong. Albania as I saw it was very different, very vibrante, a place where maybe people sell things on the street and are uneducated but wait how can this be bad? I came from a contry that they say is more “developed” , but what developed really mean in this sense? Having to buy expensive vegetables fruits full of chemicals, to go to a school that teaches you nothing about real experience ….no thanks……and this is the real reason why you should do an EVS. For me, EVS it was a space that I needed, a time to think and reflect sincere at myself and my future.It was a time that challanged me in so many ways because it teached me  to accept and love others for what they really are. My message to you, next volunteers : Let youreself to be challanged by yoursef and others and learn as much as you can. Make an EVS, go there, see thing …see the good part in things, break barriers and then go home and tell to your friends how it really is not how you hear about it, tell people things from your experience. Vibrate and let pozitivism fill you,change yourself and the world will be different  only because you changed yourself. Everything comes from you, be the change you want to see, begin from yourself. Don’t worry, don’t think about ” what I coud have done and didn’t “, let this things go, the important thing is that you realized it now, do something for the present and use the knowledge you gained in your future actions. Make from your EVS an wonderful adventure, a journey from the old you to new you. Spread your knowledge and talents in the world, help people, develop yourself in a way that you’ll be proud about the persone who you’ve became. Don’t you ever look at people and say ” oh, but you are like this and that “, don’t judge, look at their beutiful parts because trust me there are many, and people’s soul are like hidden treasures that shine only to those who know how to look. Teach yourself to look at everyone like that, at what can they become, because we were here together all contributing one to another’s development. Now after this months I look in the back and I would change nothing, because what happened maked us the persons that we are today, and I am grateful for this time that has been given to me to meet you and to see how beautiful people we all became.

This things are just a small part of things I’ve learned while staying here. Of course there are many more things but for this other part I cannot tell you because you see, we enter in a territory that can’t be described by words.

Thank you, family >:D<


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