Keep  Calm and take that Gap Year :D


  • Hey Mom, I’m travelling, this time for real, I mean I’m living home for a whole year *_*. Don’t you worry, it’s all figured out, yes Mom I can cook by myself  -_-.
  • I’ll be careful dad, I can do this.

And there it goes…

Huh, Up front a mystery,  a challenge, a beautiful escape…. a pilgrimage. This year will give me the chance to travel within, to discover and improve myself. I can do oh so many things, I’ll go for jogging everyday,  read all those books I’ve never had the time to, work on my projects for the future, work with a completely new target group, deal with a new range of situations, gain new skills.  Oh yes, I can learn new languages, discover another culture, other shopiiing, travelling around uh thrilling! Impact and get impact. I will know so so many new souls out there. Oh I’ll dance in the British rain and I’ll love it! Tea, uhhh yes tea time!

Keep Calm and Go through the Gap year J

It’s a new day, it’s a new life, It’s a new dawn, It’s a new beginning…….and I feel confused!!!

Waking up in England, living with Germans, Koreans, Costa Ricans, Austrian, Irish, Hungarians, Taiwanese and working with adults with learning disabilities…at the end of the day, I go to sleep as a different me, with many answered questions and with many new ones to find an answer in the upcoming days!

It’s not meant to be easy but you should make it easier for yourself. You need mindfulness and an open heart!

You will have a lot of free time and at the same time , no TIME at all to WASTE.

At first you feel like embracing everything, oh it’s all so pretty, don’t the people look happier here, and so polite and easy going, I wonder why? Oh everything is so special, look at those lovely cats! Look at the left side driving! Aren’t these people a representation of a total new way of living?

But sometimes what you experience is so different from your belief system that you feel like it’s not happening to you, as if you’re watching another person’s life. Besides we come from a small country with an international misrepresentation which makes us confront a lot of raised eyebrows and prejudices which u try to be lighthearted about despite it makes your stomach ache.

We come from a country that in the capital to go from one side to the opposite side it’s just maybe one hour  of walking , 20- 25 minutes of riding and just 10-15 minutes of driving, instead here you will need to change trains, buses, undergrounds, to search for the timetables of the public transportation online or to book your ticket in advance for the upcoming trip to Edinburgh because booking just some days before the trip it will not help you to low the costs of your trip. No, there is nothing like that in our country and this will be your next challenge that will transform you in to a strongly independent person.

Oh my God I’m going to get lost in the underground but who cares if I want to live London!

Sometimes you feel so aware of the differences between you and whichever community surrounding you that you almost want to isolate yourself.

U will start thinking about all those things you didn’t like about your country and you suddenly  find yourself so nostalgic about that as well. Yes… you will feel lonely and homesick, more than you ever thought and you will be surprised by this new feeling because maybe you never thought you will miss your small country , full of economic, social or political problems but you will miss it for sure because you will realize from the many table conversation that you will make with your coworkers or your new friends or the people you are living with, that every country has problems and the life it’s easier and more beautiful not abroad but wherever your heart feels HAPPY and feels LOVE.

At first, you will struggle so hard to understand and accept everyone and everything that you soon reach the breakdown point where you feel hungry and sleepy all the time! Here is where you make it or break it.

Good news is, if you make it, you won an once in a lifetime experience, something you shouldn’t miss for any reason. It will enrich and grow you in ways you never thought it could. If you get to understand that it’s all in your mind You will eventually find beauty and value everywhere, and you will see that you  can transform every experience in a lesson, in a maturity test.

Your values of right and wrong will be questioned, there’s nothing bad about it, actually it’s amazing because you get to understand the relative side of right and wrong, you will understand why people act in a different way than what you consider normal and if you’re open enough  you’ll finally realize that deep down everyone has a good heart and good intentions, although they may be good self oriented intentions.

Living abroad, working and living with different people is really a great luck to be valued as an opportunity to appreciate diversity and to actually sympathize intellectually with other approaches than yours and when other people are not sympathizing to stand up for yourself with the most dignifying behavior.

In this experience I find that you can really value yourself for who you are and improve it. Especially  with the work that we do, which is the most inspirational one, you get life lessons that you could hardly get somewhere else. Our job is to motivate them to be independent but most of the time they are the ones to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE US so KEEP CALM AND TAKE THAT GAP YEAR!!!

Elisa and Lorela sent on EVS from BBA and hosted by CSV UK.



  1. Lusiana · January 7, 2015

    Well done girls! Hope your story inspires others to follow your lead!

  2. Bora · January 7, 2015

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Erjon Beça · January 14, 2015

    well done girls

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