A land to discover

Hello, i’m Davide and this is my first experience of  volunteering abroad like EVS. My first impression about Tirana, where I and other 8 Sardinian volunteers plus a Sicilian girl should stay for the next two months, is positive. The people that we have met until this moment (including the local volunteers of the Beyond Barriers association) are very friendly and available with us. Even if the city is disorganized and chaotic , I like the life style and I have adapted myself, then with the other volunteers I have a beautiful relationship.


What about the volunteering project, we have done two days of training course with Ira about the job in the school with disable children and the promotion of European Volunteering Service in the high schools and in the Universities. Then we went to the schools which we cooperate and where we will do different activities, some of them decided by us with the disable children. We have known the children and the teachers.


The impact was very strong, there are children with different ages and different disabilities. Each of us will focus on a child that will adapt to own features and we have to engage to obtain positive results but I am confident that this experience can fit and that I can learn more,  both personally and educationally. At the same time I hope to transmit beautiful sensations at the children with which we will stay in close contact for about two months.

Good Bye,



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