Hello I am Stefano, from Italy. Tuesday, 6th of January, I left Sardinia destination Tirana.
Curiosity took over me, many questions about the lifestyle of Albania, the reaction of the people 20 years after the defeat of Communist Dictatorship of Enver Hoxha, who isolated the entire nation for almost 40 years. Stefano D- Tirana

Since I was born in 80’s, I lived my childhood with the imagine of Albanians emigrants who tried to get to Italian coasts with all prejudices who burden themselves and, even though, these prejudices slowly disappeared when I grew up, my feelings towards Albania people were contrasting.

Once landed, the fascination of Tirana took me, the lights, the landscapes, the mountains, the contrast between western and eastern architecture. One of the incredible mixtures I have ever seen in my life. Wow!

I’m sharing this adventure with other 9 persons with whom I began to have a relationship of friendship and cultural and social exchange.
I went to the city in a period when everything is changing, modernization has reached its peak and there are demographic booms. These elements make the chaotic and disordered Tirana, and this for me being used to the relaxing life of my little town Oristano, was shocking.

After a few days, the welcome of Albanian people made me feel at home. Italians are considered brothers, the best neighbours that they had.
During the second weekend we went to mountains around Tirana, where there’s a perfect skylines of the city and where we realized how big it is (one of the biggest metropolitan area in Europe). In this simple way we understood that the impact of the urbanization is creating conflicts between the past and the present of the city.
I’m pretty sure these 2 months will be very exciting.

Stefano D.


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