“Someone should update Tirana’s wikipedia page.”

When I arrived in Tirana’s airport I found a welcome sign with my name and it was so nice to find the association’s volunteers waiting for me.

During the trip in the taxi, I tried to pronounce words like: “Faleminderit” or “Miremengjes” for ten times but it was so difficult for me! I didn’t expect this difficulty. The first day in Tirana was a sunny day and I saw so many palms that I thought it was a little bit similar to Sardinia. When I saw our house and my neighbourhood I found it nice and it is close to a colourful open market. I met other volunteers here and they are serious and kind people. I discovered that Tirana has a lot of inhabitants, more than I knew because they are about 1 million instead of 400 000, as wikipedia said. I saw some chaotic street and very poor people that was not funny to see, but I understand it’s possible in a city like this that grows up so fast.

We visited the 2 schools where we have to work and we talked first with the psychologist of the school cause she knows the children very well. The children started to give me all the satisfaction and feelings we need :).



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