An Experience that could change your life.

Hi everybody! My name is Marianna Rozzato, I’m 19 years old, I live in Messina, in Sicily. I decided to do my EVS in Albania, Tirana.  This is my second week here..  I chose to do a short-term EVS. My project is about helping child with disabilities. I live in  an house with other 7 volunteers, that come from Sardegna. I feel really good with them and we are already like a big family. Each of us is different from each other and in spite of our ages, we strongly agree.  We are divided in two groups and we work in two different schools. Even though it isn’t my first experience of volunteering , it’s always like a first time. The child are really wonderful, they give me satisfactions, even only with a simple smile or simply with an hug…IMG_3961

We organize a lot of activities, for example : dancing, singing, drawing, painting and we also stay in the garden or in the gym, where we play football, volleyball or basketball . By now, I haven’t had lots of opportunity to visit the city but I would really like to know Tirana.


I also got to know  other Tirana’s girls and I really enjoy my time with them. Last Saturday we went out with a lot of people even of our Host Organisation:  “Beyond Barriers”. We have planted trees in a place quite unspoilt and to me , it has been really significant. I really like this experience and I hope that the other mounth that I’ll spend here, will be good and wonderful too.  All in all,  I think that this experience could change my life.

Marianna Rozzato


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