5 dicembre

The 5th of Decembre 2015 was the International Day of Volunteers. This picture shows some of us EVS with the workers of BBA posing in front of the “Wall of Fame”. We are not all. Some of the volunteers that joined EVS with BBA alredy finished their project before that date. We have been quite many, short and long terms, giving our contribution and collaborating with the assosiation during thi last 8 months. We lived toghether, worked toghether and celebrated our day with many other local volunteers. The event took place in the Youth Centre of Tirana, during the morning. BBA invited all the volunteers that gave their contribution in all the activities of the past year. The guests were supposed to be around 500. I am not joking. I can say that luckily not all the people that were invited came, otherwise there would have not been enough space! But still the event was a success. We made with our own creative hands a personalised star made of colourful paper and glittery colors for each person who was invited, and we put them in the Walls of Fame, where the participants could find their names and have their moment of fame for that day. This was the point: to thank all the volunteers, to make them understand that everybody is important and that for BBA we are all stars.



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