Learning by Doing

How can we learn to speak in front of a public? Who will teach us how to cope with a big group of kids? What is the best way to communicate with a person with different abilities? Do you ever ask yourseves these kind of questions? Actually, the only real way to learn these thigs, and much more, is doing them. The direct experience. The practise. Is incredible to notice how much a human can adapt him or her self in a new situation. The feeling of being incopetent, the fear of a failure, the idea that “oh is too hard, i can’t do it”..all these thigs disappear. When the environment and the situation are asking you to act, with no stress, no obligations, just the energy and the will of doing something good, the action comes. The school is the action. Never doubt of the personal potential and the potential of the people around you. I f you want to learn how to do something, do it! It sounds maybe superficial, maybe too easy, but actually IT IS easy. You just need to want it!


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