Evs in Albania – At least one time in the life!!!

It was a long time that I wanted to partecipate as a volunteer in a EVS project and now I’m here, I’m a EVSer. Sincerily at the begins I didn’t think to go in a place like this but during last three years, my “anthropological” points of view told me that “why not”. In my opinion one of the most interesting passions of a person is discover the world, the whole world. I want to visit every single nation and I want to learn about every single culture. I want to do this because I’m curious and because I have the idea that both into the “diversity” and in the distance we are together equal, we are humans before to be italians, albanians ecc. The EVS likely is one of the most useful and fulfilling experience that we can do because it involves many topics that are important for your personal growth and to make a better world. Before to put my feet in Albania I couldn’t imagine whatever I would find here but it was an amazing surprise. Tirana is a beautiful and particular city, really different from other cities that i have ever seen before. Therefore I met wonderful people that make me to adapt in the best way. It seems to be at home. Starting to the coordinators Ira and Antonela, to Nini the housekeeper until the supermentors for example Tea, Antigoni and Juela  who allow us to enjoy this beautiful place. I noticed how the importance of issues like young disability, racism, minorities ecc. is very feel and it is really stimolating for me to partecipate in this types of activities. Until now EVS for me means stay in touch with the locals and your habits, both trying to speak Albanian (I’m not good at yet, i know just around 20 words but I work hard) and to improve my english, discovering this beautiful country because we have already visit several cities and mainly participate to various activities in order to get the problems and the issues that hit Albania and trying to compare with the problems that we have in Italy. EVS in this case means learn, help, compare and trying to find new solutions to the issues of which Beyond Barriers is involved. My experience has just begun and i want to improve, to learn and to help more and more.


Nicola Perra (Taulante in albanian)

IMG_0556Waiting to know more and to speak a “good” albanian


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