AAA“Loving Albania…”

It’s something I continously Repeat to EVERYONE and I wrote it also few times in some Social Network although I don’t usually show my stuff so easily but I do think that this fantastic place really deserve it and even more. Before applying for the short term EVS in Albania I didn’t have any idea about coming here and since I come I can say “I FEEL AT HOME” in a safe and warm place. From a recent “lonely backpacker traveller” point of you I moved to a context where as a Group, with all our differences, we are growing together towards the common goal of making this experience unique doing as much as possible. Everyone has something interesting to share and we grow daily sharing our life together.

The first approach with Tirana it has been through many friendly smiles that we meet within the people of “Beyond Barriers” and we were received as part of a bigger family. We partecipated to some interesting conferences about important issues which where also held by different organizations that share different missions but the same values for a better world to live in. We were also involved in creating a conference for the important “Week Against Racism” at the Youth Center of Tirana, I would had never thought that we could menage doing such a great work… I enjoy it so much! It has been really important also the experience in going to the disable schools which it makes you feel the lucky we are and how important is making efforts in helping others living a better life.

In my first period here I also try to make all the streets of Tirana “walkable” (the thinnest, the darkest and the most secret ones) since I love knowing as much as possible about people, social relations, cultures, traditions, diversities and typical food as well). SuperMentors did an extremely nice job in helping us. Tea, Juela, Mirel, Antigoni, Arber, Eneida give us so much positive energy as well as Nini, Greta, Geri, Jonni, Xhafere, Andi, Gezim, Sushida, Davide, Romina, Silva and many others (Ira and Antonelaaaaaa of course) THANK YOUuUu. In this short period we will try to see and to know as much as possible. We have already visited Berat, Elbasan, Dures, Kruje and Valbona and still we are dreaming about discovering more, more and… MORE!

I will do my best to make this coming month to last as much as possible exeriencing every beat of my “Zemer”, every breath and every single SMILE I will have the chance to share.





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