Mentre tutto cambia

After the departure I didn’t know what to expect from this first adventure abroad away from home and from my family. How will be living together with others six people that I’ve never met them before? What I’ll be expect from Albania and above all from this big city like Tirana? Everything was a question mark. Some guys leave before me in Tirana told me how much their experience was so wonderful.. as of now I can only confirm that. In just three weeks Albania has able to seduce me. Tirana host you into the mountains, bustling traffic, cement and nature that makes the city special in their diversity and contrast. We have been catapulted in a world so different from the reality where we are used to living in our city (Cagliari). I never thought that I feel like “home”. We were well received in another big family, from the coordinators of the host association Beyond Barriers, from mentors or by the people met in the road. I’ve known the children with disabilities of the school Luigj Gurakuqi where we serve and I admit that it was a strong and emotive experience. I look forward to give smile and love at fantastic children. For the rest.. everything is all to LIVE! =)

Alice Ruggeri



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