Every day, every moment in this country is a constant discovery. You know a new culture, new people but above all you know yourself.  Brings you to step over own limits, to get  involved  in all situations. This  EVS  allowed me to discover non only Albanian but also a part of the Balkan world. Every countries that I visited gave me something. We explored the different  cities  through the neighborhood markets, to discover the typical dishes of the local environment. I can’t even imagine that I would live a fantastic and unique experience such as this . Who would have thought?

Kuptova diversitetin linguistik dhe kulturor

Alice RuggeriIMG-20160404-WA0015

Please don’t wake me up!


I just came back from a tour around the Balkans few days ago and I want to share a thought with you – it will probably seem crazy, but keep reading.

I was in Kotor (Montenegro) the last day of trip, after one week of travel, and I was feeling sick since a couple of days. The weather wasn’t so good. But I just couldn’t stay at home resting so I went up to the castle, it was like sooo many steps on the stairs made of stone, until the top where you can see all the town from the terrace, under the flag. I couldn’t miss it. The day after I was feeling terrible and I was wondering why I couldn’t just rest and get better since I was sick, instead of going hiking on a fortress in Montenegro. It would have been easier, but is “easy” the best option?

So why do people do that? You know it will hurt you but you do it anway. Because what you get from it is worth it. I know it seems I’m saying random craps, but let me get to the point. I see this like a metaphore of my EVS experience that is coming to an end. I feel sad thinking about it. I will miss so many things, this city, this country and its people. It was all a mistery before but then I felt part of it. Walking on the streets of Tirana, seeing the everyday life, that was even my life for two months, makes me so nostalgic when I realise I wont be there in a couple of weeks. I know it will be tough to go back, I felt like a stranger when I arrived and I will feel kind of a stranger in my own place now. It will hurt but I would go back and do it again and again. This was a strong experience I will always keep in my mind.

It would have been easier to stay in my comfort zone, but I challenged myself, I went to discover something unknown and what I got from it was amazing. Do you know the feeling when you’re asleep and you’re having a beautiful dream, you know it’s just a dream but you wish you wont wake up cause you don’t want it to stop? I’m feeling like this now. I knew this moment would have come, I thought I was prepared but it breaks my heart anyway.      Mirupafshim Shqipëria!

Enrica Doneddu

In the middle of Albania: Shqipëri love!

By now there are many days that I’m living in Albania for the EVS project and now are less the days left to leave this wonderful place. The time is going too fast, it’s an usual stuff when you live a beautiful experience like this. During my way here I was able to make new experiences (new friends, new travels), to learn several new things just like living in group, speaking a new different language, living a long next to a different culture and mainly working in contact with Albanian children with disabilities that is a source of pride for me to help them. Making volunteering at the school “Luigi Gurakuqi” I met a lot of special and wonderful children and boys with whom I shared good times and I will never forget. However anything of this can equalize the pleasure to discover the simplicity to live of this land. I know that it has several problems but in contrast for me is a great pleasure living here and it will be a disappointment to go away. I can confirm that EVS is a fantastic way to discover a new land that you don’t know because everyday you can live into the society. A society different from my that day by day I looked with external eyes but by now I can look with another point of view, more Albanian I mean. This is fantastic and much stimolating. Now I want just enjoy these last few days here in the best way looking forward to make new and unforgettable experiences.


Nicola Perra

Unexpected Balkan Tour

Thanks to the opportunity EVS gave us, we have menaged to find some free time to enriched this life experience through daily exploration and we tried to organize in 9 days as much as possible.. our own Balkan Tour.

This travel has been one of the biggest discovering of my Life. Before going to Albania I had never thought about me going in short terms to this geographical area full of history, traditions so far from my own culture and with so much to discover.

It was really funny also tring to learn how to read the famous Cyrillique Alphabet together with my crazy friend Enrica (so Albanian was not the main effort) as well as basic words in every state we entered.


In exploring Skopjie, Sofia, Belgrad, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Kotor we also discover a lot about matching ourselves together in our differenties.. wonderful Challenge =) !

Giulia Sardo


Just one look

Enter in contact with children was one of the most important and impressive experiences of this EVS. Was a reality that was completely uncharted and this Evs  has allowed me to see a face of society needy attention and simple affection. At Jonathan Center we help to make postcards with the children of the school for a rummage sale. At the school Luigj Gurakuqi we worked with disable children with autism. Unfortunately have been very few days in the school with the children. Even if you don’t speak the same language you realize that just with a smile it’s possible understand each other.

Alice RuggeriPicsArt_04-26-06.57.51



Before the leaving I never, never imagined to live this amazing experience.

Is possible to change positively when you dive in a complitely different culture and world? The Answer can be found, simply, inside ourselves and it depends exclusively by the own desire “to get in the game”. Everyone certainly, in own way, is changing and will change thanks to this fantastic experience. And when this change it will be metabolized we will be even more aware of the importance of our positive contribute to improve the mentality of this wonderful people.

Matteo D.



Un attimo tutto da vivere

Prima dell’inizio di questa avventura non sapevo cosa mi aspettasse, avevo un po di ansia e solite paure pre-partenza. Spesso riflettevo su cosa mi aspettasse e se sarei riuscito ad affrontarlo, pensavo che due mesi sarebbero stati un’infinità di tempo e a come sarei sopravvissuto in tutto questo tempo! Ora che scrivo sembra ieri che pensavo a tutto questo, in un attimo mi sono ritrovato quasi al termine di questa avventura, il tempo è letteralmente volato via, con sorprese giorno dopo giorno che mi hanno reso sempre più entusiasta di aver intrapreso questo percorso. Paure, ansie e preoccupazioni una volta arrivato sono scomparse e ha avuto inizio una nuova vita, fatta di tante avventure, conoscenze di persone fantastiche e di luoghi che mai avrei pensato di poter vedere. Ho vissuto l’Albania in un modo che mai avrei potuto immaginare.. in un attimo.. che spero un domani di poter rivivere!

Nicola Milia

It’s a Continuos DISCOVERY

My experience in Albania everyday goes further and every second grows stronger. We have started doing Social Service and I have realize how much it makes even us different people in discovering some hidden part within ourselves to work with. This wonderful view goes straight on with my personal philosophy tring to live every day without too many expectations, letting go what comes, acting positively as much as possible since we don’t know anything about the coming future and we do live out of social relations in sharing constantly our life  within the reality around us. We can make the difference with also small acts =)


Always inputs come and it’s amazing =) !

This is one of the postcard I made with a specific method called “quilling”. We make different peace of arts in order to help the association JONATHAN CENTRE in Tirana, who work with children with Down Syndrom, to foundrise themselves. We also make them with little children and it’s always an amazing interaction.

I have never thought about me with any art skills but it’s nice to realize that there are some hidden in myself there apparently exist. This pictures just give me a huge amount of energy through the power of COLORS and it’s relation with NATURE. Some meanings related to Art Therapy and Enviromental Psychology from far away =)


Giulia Sardo

An Italian & Sardinian Girl =D