It’s a Continuos DISCOVERY

My experience in Albania everyday goes further and every second grows stronger. We have started doing Social Service and I have realize how much it makes even us different people in discovering some hidden part within ourselves to work with. This wonderful view goes straight on with my personal philosophy tring to live every day without too many expectations, letting go what comes, acting positively as much as possible since we don’t know anything about the coming future and we do live out of social relations in sharing constantly our life  within the reality around us. We can make the difference with also small acts =)


Always inputs come and it’s amazing =) !

This is one of the postcard I made with a specific method called “quilling”. We make different peace of arts in order to help the association JONATHAN CENTRE in Tirana, who work with children with Down Syndrom, to foundrise themselves. We also make them with little children and it’s always an amazing interaction.

I have never thought about me with any art skills but it’s nice to realize that there are some hidden in myself there apparently exist. This pictures just give me a huge amount of energy through the power of COLORS and it’s relation with NATURE. Some meanings related to Art Therapy and Enviromental Psychology from far away =)


Giulia Sardo

An Italian & Sardinian Girl =D


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