In the middle of Albania: Shqipëri love!

By now there are many days that I’m living in Albania for the EVS project and now are less the days left to leave this wonderful place. The time is going too fast, it’s an usual stuff when you live a beautiful experience like this. During my way here I was able to make new experiences (new friends, new travels), to learn several new things just like living in group, speaking a new different language, living a long next to a different culture and mainly working in contact with Albanian children with disabilities that is a source of pride for me to help them. Making volunteering at the school “Luigi Gurakuqi” I met a lot of special and wonderful children and boys with whom I shared good times and I will never forget. However anything of this can equalize the pleasure to discover the simplicity to live of this land. I know that it has several problems but in contrast for me is a great pleasure living here and it will be a disappointment to go away. I can confirm that EVS is a fantastic way to discover a new land that you don’t know because everyday you can live into the society. A society different from my that day by day I looked with external eyes but by now I can look with another point of view, more Albanian I mean. This is fantastic and much stimolating. Now I want just enjoy these last few days here in the best way looking forward to make new and unforgettable experiences.


Nicola Perra


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