Please don’t wake me up!


I just came back from a tour around the Balkans few days ago and I want to share a thought with you – it will probably seem crazy, but keep reading.

I was in Kotor (Montenegro) the last day of trip, after one week of travel, and I was feeling sick since a couple of days. The weather wasn’t so good. But I just couldn’t stay at home resting so I went up to the castle, it was like sooo many steps on the stairs made of stone, until the top where you can see all the town from the terrace, under the flag. I couldn’t miss it. The day after I was feeling terrible and I was wondering why I couldn’t just rest and get better since I was sick, instead of going hiking on a fortress in Montenegro. It would have been easier, but is “easy” the best option?

So why do people do that? You know it will hurt you but you do it anway. Because what you get from it is worth it. I know it seems I’m saying random craps, but let me get to the point. I see this like a metaphore of my EVS experience that is coming to an end. I feel sad thinking about it. I will miss so many things, this city, this country and its people. It was all a mistery before but then I felt part of it. Walking on the streets of Tirana, seeing the everyday life, that was even my life for two months, makes me so nostalgic when I realise I wont be there in a couple of weeks. I know it will be tough to go back, I felt like a stranger when I arrived and I will feel kind of a stranger in my own place now. It will hurt but I would go back and do it again and again. This was a strong experience I will always keep in my mind.

It would have been easier to stay in my comfort zone, but I challenged myself, I went to discover something unknown and what I got from it was amazing. Do you know the feeling when you’re asleep and you’re having a beautiful dream, you know it’s just a dream but you wish you wont wake up cause you don’t want it to stop? I’m feeling like this now. I knew this moment would have come, I thought I was prepared but it breaks my heart anyway.      Mirupafshim Shqipëria!

Enrica Doneddu


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