The time is ending.

I remember my first day here and now I can’t perceive the fact that the EVS is ended. Tomorrow we will be in the office both for the final evaluation and the youthpass, then we will leave for the last trip around Albania before to come back to sardinia in order to discover the south coast but mainly so as to say goodbye to Schip. (hopefully see you soon).  I can’t say if the days here spent slowly or fastly but I’m very happy to have done this unforgettable experience. Actually all turned out beyond my expectations and I’m glad I saw with my own eyes that many prejudices are not true. This is one of my goals that I had before to come here.

Now I looking forward to start this last adventure and I really hope to return here at least one time because two months in my opinion are not enough firstly to discover this land, secondly to get everything concerns the albanian life and finally  to have the possibility to be fully integrated into the society. The last one is my biggest regret.

Thanks for all to TDM 2000 and Beyond Barriers.

Mirupafshim Tirana, mirupafshim Shqipëri.

Nicola Perra IMG_0094

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