I’ll tell you briefly what I lived in my second home.
I’m proud for not having listened to the ignorant opinions that continues and will continue to spread false news on this beautiful land without any knowledge.   It’s been 2 wonderful months, of fantastic moments that will stay in my minds forever.
All thanks to the wonderful people I met, for the simple and sincere smile of the children with whom I worked, the smile of people we met on the street, to those who I stop asking for directions with the sun, the rain, the wind, to those who offered to be my guide, to all those that despite all, respond to smile and helped me without to many questions.
The time flew among the days  spent in the school “Luigj Gurakuqi ‘’ playing football , singing , during the dancing lessons to learn the traditional dances , games, lessons and the days spent in creating and working to “ Jonathan Center ‘’ with children and guys .
With this experience I have realized how to overcome to my limits and what it means not depending on the family and how is important to rely on my own strength.
I realized how much helping people can make a difference and how simple it could be.
Thanks to the people with whom I worked I was able to remember how many sensations can make you try a simple smile and how great it is to see change the face of a person while reciprocate.
I understand the important to take from the normal and how important, sometimes, return children to understand certain things.
Didn’t matter who I was, where I was, on the first day of the guys ran to me and hugged me , shook my hand , welcome .
Is beautiful the way they do, help each other, support each other, look …
With a simple look could communicate.
Where are all these qualities?
It possible that growing up were lost?
Between laughs, work, activities, trips, these two months have flown.
I had the opportunity to shoot amazing place and wonderful and I can say that Albania is full.
I see many place and lands inside and outside Albania, thanks to the guys who have undertaken this adventure with me because they are true adventurers!
When they decided to take the Balkans tour in 10 days!!
Thank you….

Laura L.


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