We are volunteers in Tirana, for an organisation called BEYOND BARRIERS.

Welcome to our blog!

Here you’ll discover what is the European Voluntary Service, what we are doing and what is the life of an EVS volunteer in Tirana!

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What is EVS?
is the acronym for European Voluntary Service

The European Voluntary Service (EVS) gives 18-30 years old the opportunity to spend from 1 to 12 months in another European country, as a volunteer on a project which benefits the local community. It is funded by the European Commission, so the young person has all costs paid for (travel, insurance, accommodation, language tuition etc).
EVS is a true ‘learning service’. Beyond benefiting the local communities, by participating in voluntary activities, young volunteers can develop new skills and, therefore, improve their personal, educational and professional development.
A successful EVS project requires close co-operation among at least three key players: a sending organisation, a host organisation and the volunteer.

If you want to know more about it:


If you want to find a project or an organisation:
The European database on EVS accredited organisations

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